Aurelia® SP3030 CSR Sterilization Wraps 30″x30″ (250 Wraps)

Aurelia® CSR Sterilization Wraps are the cornerstone of maintaining sterility in critical environments such as operating rooms and supply centers. These wraps, constructed from natural cellulose fibers, are designed to secure and protect equipment prior to sterilization. They are compatible with a variety of sterilization methods, including steam, ETO, gamma irradiation, and E-Beam. Not only are they strong and tear-resistant, but their soft and flexible nature allows for effortless wrapping. These wraps act as a formidable barrier against air and waterborne contamination. They come in a range of sizes to accommodate different equipment, ensuring your instruments remain sterile and ready for use.

Size Chart:

Product Code Size (Inches) Size (Centimeters) Quantity Per Case
SP1212 12” x 12” 30cm x 30cm 1000
SP1515 15” x 15” 38cm x 38cm 500
SP1818 18” x 18” 46cm x 46cm 500
SP2020 20” x 20” 51cm x 51cm 500
SP2424 24” x 24” 61cm x 61cm 500
SP3030 30” x 30” 76cm x 76cm 250


Material: natural cellulose fibre
Sterilization compatibility: steam, ETO, gamma irradiation, E-Beam

Price: $185.92

Ships in 5-7 business days