Kromopan® Chromatic (Colour Change) Alginate, Dust Free (450 g/Pouch)

Kromopan (KRM302) by Lascod, the groundbreaking chromatic (colour changing) alginate designed to revolutionize your dental impression procedures. With its unique chromatic phase indicator, Kromopan takes the guesswork out of the impression process. The color changes from purple to pink to white, guiding you through mixing, tray loading, and mouth insertion. With a minimum setting time of just 30 seconds and high accuracy down to 20 microns, Kromopan ensures quick and precise results. Its long dimensional stability of 168 hours allows for flexible scheduling, and its compatibility with alginate impression disinfectants adds an extra layer of safety. Enjoy the refreshing mint flavor and dust-free formula, all backed by a 5-year expiry date.

Product Type: Chromatic Alginate for Dental Impressions
Brand: Lascod
Chromatic Phase Indicator: Purple (mixing) -> Pink (tray loading) -> White (insertion in mouth)


Easy to mix
Extra fast in mouth (minimum setting time 30 seconds)
High accuracy (20 microns)
Long dimensional stability (168 hours)
Compatible with alginate impression disinfectant
Mint flavor
5 years of expiry date
Mobile prosthesis
Removable and fixed prostheses antagonist
Preliminary models
Study models


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