Are you a manufacturer currently enrolled in the Amazon Vendor Program? Or are you looking for a trusted management service for your Amazon Seller account?

Fraser Medical Supply provides solutions to manufacturers of professional products looking to grow their brand(s) on the global marketplace, Amazon. We offer an alternative to the Amazon Vendor Program where we increase your margins. Our transparent fee schedule will maximize your profits all while giving you control over pricing and branding, access to customer data/feedback, flexibility in inventory management and pricing, customized marketing, and a lower barrier to entry.

Does the Amazon determine the final price of your product with Amazon Vendor Program?

Yes, in the Amazon Vendor Program, Amazon typically has a significant influence on the final price of your product. While vendors negotiate wholesale prices with Amazon, Amazon ultimately has the authority to set the retail price at which the product is sold to customers on the platform. This pricing decision is based on various factors, including market conditions, competitive landscape, demand, and Amazon’s own pricing strategies.

Do you have an existing distributor network and have concerns about Amazon disrupting your market share? 

Fraser Medical Supply understands the importance of your existing distributor network and our Amazon Seller management service is designed to work in coordination with your existing distributor partners.

Tired of bidding wars for your product’s buy box?

By taking control of your products’ buy boxes, you will be able to eliminate bidding wars and break a competitive cycle which encourages undercutting. Improve your margins and moderate pricing strategy on the world’s most visited marketplace.

How do we compare?


Amazon Vendor Program

Amazon FBA

Fraser Medical Supply FBA Management

Control Over Pricing (Keep Prices in Line with Distributors)

Does Not Require Wholesale Negotiation (Higher Margins)

Low Entry Barrier

Email Marketing

Rapid Growth Marketing Strategies (Aggressive Marketing)

Customer Feedback Analysis & Reporting

Competitor Monitoring

Control Over Customer Service

Buy Box Guarantee (Block Third-Party Sellers)

Performance Insights

Inventory Handling, Shipping and Customer Service

Our Offering



What’s Included?

Listing Optimization ·       Keyword Research

·       Product Title

·       Bullet Points

·       Product Descriptions

·       High-Quality Images

·       Enhance Brand Content/A+ Content

·       Backend Keywords

·       Monitoring And Iteration

Inventory Management ·       Inventory Tracking

·       Forecasting And Demand Planning

·       Inventory Replenishment

·       Abc Analysis

·       Inventory Optimization

Pricing Strategy Development ·       Competitive Analysis

·       Minimum Advertised Pricing (Map) Compliance

·       Dynamic Pricing

·       Promotional Pricing

·       International Pricing

·       Long-Term Strategy

Product Photography And Content Creation ·       High-Quality Images

·       Multiple Angles

·       Consistent Style

·       Professional Background

·       Lifestyle Shots

·       Scale And Dimensions

·       Product Variations

·       Compelling Content

·       Keyword Optimization

·       Clear Formatting

·       Unique Selling Proposition

·       Social Proof

·       Call-To-Action (Cta)

PPC Advertising Management ·       Keyword Research

·       Campaign Structure

·       Ad Copy Optimization

·       Keyword Bidding Strategy

·       Negative Keywords

·       Bid Management

·       Ad Scheduling

·       Product Targeting

·       Automatic Vs. Manual Targeting

·       Performance Monitoring And Optimization

·       Budget Allocation

Review Management ·       Prompt Response To Reviews

·       Encourage Positive Reviews

·       Follow Amazon Guidelines

·       Monitor And Report Inappropriate Reviews

·       Use Feedback Management Tools

·       Address Negative Reviews Professionally

Sales Analysis And Reporting ·       Data Collection

·       Segmentation

·       Performance Metrics

·       Trend Analysis

·       Comparative Analysis

·       Product Performance

·       Channel Analysis

·       Customer Analysis

·       Reporting

·       Actionable Insights

·       Iterative Improvement

Compliance Monitoring ·       Stay Informed

·       Compliance Checklists

·       Automated Alerts For Policy Violations

·       Regular Audits

·       Monitor Customer Feedback

·       Performance Metrics

·       Documentation And Records

A/B Testing ·       Definition Of Objectives

·       Variation Creation

·       Randomized Assignment

·       Measurement And Tracking

·       Testing Duration

·       Analysis And Interpretation

·       Implementation Of Results

Strategy Development And Execution ·       Market Analysis

·       Swot Analysis

·       Product/Sales/Operational Strategy Formulation

·       Execution And Review

Brand Protection ·       Trademark Registration

·       Brand Registry

·       Product Listing Optimization

·       Monitor Product Listings

·       Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement

·       Brand Gating

·       Customer Education

International Expansion Assistance ·       Market Research

·       Account Setup

·       Product Localization

·       Inventory Management

·       Currency Management

·       Coordination Of Shipping And Fulfillment

·       Marketing And Promotion

·       Compliance And Regulations

·       Performance Monitoring

Amazon Seo (Search Engine Optimization) ·       Keyword Research

·       Keyword Placement

·       Product Title Optimization

·       Bullet Points And Product Features

·       Product Description

·       High-Quality Images

·       Backend Keywords

·       Product Variation Optimization

·       Optimized Pricing And Reviews

·       Monitoring And Iteration

Fba (Fulfillment By Amazon) Management ·       Product Preparation

·       Inventory Management

·       Strategic Inventory Placement

·       Order Mangement

·       Performance Metrics

·       Cost Optimization

·       Promotions And Marketing

·       Returns Management

Account Suspension Reinstatement ·       Understanding Reasons For Suspension

·       Situation Assessment

·       Review Of Amazon’s Policies And Guidelines

·       Plant Of Action

·       Appeal Letters

·       Supporting Documentation Submission

·       Follow-Up

·       Monitor Account Health

Competitive Analysis ·       Identify Competitors

·       Evaluation Offerings

·       Assess Pricing Strategies

·       Review Listings

·       Analyze Reviews And Ratings

·       Study Sales Performance

·       Track Advertising

·       Evaluate Brand Presence

·       Monitor Fulfillment Methods

·       Stay Updated

Account Growth And Scaling Strategies ·       Product Diversification

·       Market Expansion

·       Optimized Listings

·       Price Optimization

·       Inventory Management

·       Fulfillment Optimization

·       Customer Acquisition

·       Customer Retention

·       Brand Building

·       Data-Driven Decision Making

·       Continuous Optimization


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