Octo Copolymer Glove, Textured, Transparent by Ritmed® (100 Gloves/Box)

Copolymer of latex-vinyl stands out as a cost-effective solution in a form fitting glove. Without compromising sensation, the texturing of this glove maintains your grip under all conditions. Acetone and wax cleaner resistant for use in beauty industry. This an acetone resistant 4.3 mil glove (9935).

Quantity: 100 Gloves/box
Colour: Transparent
Efficacy: Single-Use
Feature: Textured palm and fingertips
Material: Latex-vinyl, powder-free
Sizes: Small (9935-B), medium (9935-C), large (9935-D), extra large (9935-E), extra-extra large (9935-F)
Thickness: 4.3 mils
Standard: CFIA certified for food handling
Acetone Resistance: Yes


PRO TIP: Mixing and matching sizes – simply add quantities of various sizes to your cart in order to reach the discount threshold.

Price: $7.99